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Barony Wellness FAQs

Barony Wellness is a non-exclusive health and wellness destination, providing active health and mental relaxation facilities, accessible and affordable for all.
Day guests will be welcome. For longer stays guests will be able to book independently, be referred by their GP, NHS or private medical insurer.
The facilities will comprise spa, gym and pool areas, indoor and outdoor exercise, craft activities and overnight accommodation, all within a nature-focused environment. There will be education in green technology, the ability to showcase local businesses, as well as a mining heritage museum celebrating the heritage of the site.
The project aims to create approximately 300 new permanent and part time jobs. An additional 10 per cent of new staff will be from vulnerable groups, providing them with training and employment opportunities.
We welcome involvement with the local community, schools, colleges, universities, charities and other organisations on this scheme. We cannot create a project the local community will welcome if we don’t have their active involvement.
A construction management plan will be implemented to reduce the impacts on the local community when the site is being developed.

A Transport Assessment has been undertaken which demonstrates that the proposals will not negatively affect transport patterns within the local area.  This will be submitted in support of the planning application in due course.
Our delivery team of highly experienced consultants have carried out many investigations into the current natural landscape that developed since the site closed over 30 years ago.

It is acknowledged that there will be disruption to the current haphazard natural rewilding that has taken place since mining ceased, but we have strategies to reduce any impact during development. At the heart of the project is our intention to increase onsite biodiversity so that our guests can be close to the natural world for their enjoyment and improved wellness.
We are aware of proposals to expand the Egger plant and we are in regular communication with them. This will not have an impact on our proposals.
There will be no manicured lawns. Our architects understand the need for biodiversity as part of the project’s intention and so designs are ‘light touch’. These use the natural topography to provide space underneath and surrounding each building for nature to thrive and develop naturally.
Every construction project creates a carbon footprint. The Barony project will use sustainable materials, renewable energy and rewilding of the site to eliminate the project’s carbon footprint over time. This will absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than is created through the project’s operations.
Barony NP (UK) Ltd will support The Barony A-Frame Trust in the rehabilitation of the ‘Memorial Garden’. This is dedicated to those miners who tragically lost their lives in the coal mine, which operated between 1907 and 1989. The rehabilitation and enhancement of the Garden will be a place of tribute and remembrance for the local community and a permanent reminder of the area’s mining heritage.
Our plans include a mining heritage museum, working with the ‘A’ Frame Trust and local community to provide a lasting educational tribute to the history of the site and those that worked there. It will also serve to educate youngsters on the transition from fossil fuels to renewable clean energy.
A proportion of National Pride’s profits (10 per cent) will be redirected into local community focused projects. These will support local projects and support NHS student training. National Pride has already sponsored a youngsters’ mini-marathon for local school children during lockdown.
A Planning Application for Planning Permission in Principle has been submitted to East /Ayrshire Council for consideration. If Planning Permission is approved construction activity will commence in Quarter three 2022, completing at the end of 2024.
We will continue to welcome walkers to enjoy the environment and recreational greenspaces The public will still be able enjoy access to the site and this will include a continuation of the Lugar Water Walk to Dumfries House.

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