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Different approach to create places
Engaging with us

Community Consultation

Barony Wellness recognises that development is not just about changes to the land and environment around us but is about improving the lives of the community. It is important that everyone has a voice and is able to influence our approach to the way we develop Barony Wellness.


The pursuit of wellness and mental health has created a demand for developments that provide more.

Wellness and wellbeing will be a major societal consideration over the next decades, affecting all aspects of our lives. Barony Wellness places a strong emphasis on this, and our key messages reflect a positive environment for the future development of the project especially in the post-COVID-19 environment.


Our development harnesses renewable energy technologies, and are designed with the land in mind to ensure biodiversity in flora and fauna.


Barony Wellness is a place where all are welcome we aim to eliminate stigma, prejudice, and ignorance.


We promote activity and mental wellness to improve social, physical, and psychological wellbeing.

Our Process

Barony Wellness Project

Contributing to a better world.


Environment in Harmony

It is an essential part of the Barony Wellness project that the current natural woodland be enhanced with the preservation of natural species of flora, fauna and invertebrates.



Barony Wellness will enable visitors to develop mental and physical strengths, whilst being a restfulness centre for sufferers of life changing illnesses and conditions.


Celebrating Heritage

The site of the development was a colliery, extracting coal from 1907 to 1989. Our ‘Memorial Garden’ will be a place of tribute and remembrance for the local community and a permanent reminder of the area’s mining heritage.

About Barony Wellness

Our Core Values

We at Barony Wellness place a great weight on caring for the environment, providing for the community, and working with our partners. Some of our pledges include:

  • To be a ‘good neighbour’ at all times to the local community.
  • Maximise energy efficiency to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint.
  • Utilise local workforce, local businesses and renewable resources.
  • Promote activity therapies, dietary education, and mental wellness

Some of the organisations that are helping make it happen.

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